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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Issue #15 is coming soon!

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates and let you know that issue #15 will be running a little late. I sent it to the Dark master for approval last night so as soon as it passes muster, I'll start up the printing process. I hope to have it on sale no later than 9/15.

Why is it late? Well, I've been struggling with a medication that was repairing my metabolism but having vary nasty side effects.
Pros: I've lost 80 pounds since mid December and can put in 11000 steps a day without pain or suffering. :)
Cons: Depression, Apathy, and writer's block. :(

I've switched to a new med and I feel much better. Sorry again for this issue being late. Here is a snapshot of the cover for issue #15 with art by Claytonian.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Printing Errors & Apologies

Hello Everyone, +Keith G Nelson pointed out to me that there was a problem with a few table entries on a two tables where the text was cut off. I looked over the file the Print On Demand printers were using and it appears I did submit the wrong file to them. I have corrected this and from 8/7 3:00pm CST all the files are now correct.

So, that means if you ordered a print copy that was printed up before this, you most likely have or will receive a book where four of the tables have a few entries that are cut off (the tables on pages 50-51 are the easiest to spot). This includes any print copies picked up at Gencon from the Goodman Games booth. Now, what am I going to do about it.

Firstly, I apologize for not having sent the correct file to the printers. I was rushing to get everything ready for Gencon and I should have been more through. It is a fault of being a one man operation that stuff like this does not get caught. I am working to get a better system of checks before publishing in place and I am going to enlist the aid of a few CUaBM proof-readers to check ALL files before they are sent off to the printer on future publications.

Secondly, I am offering the one of the following compensations to EVERYONE who purchased a print copy with the truncated table entries:

  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and a free Lulu print copy replacement (replacement offer only good until 8/14/2016)


  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and a $5 refund via Paypal 


  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and the ability to order an At Cost* replacement print copy (via RPGNOW) 

Please contact me at crawlingunderabrokenmoon@gmail.com to let me know which option you would prefer. Again, I apologize for my mistake.

*At Cost meaning you will receive an RPGNOW coupon via email that will allow you to buy the replacement copy for only the base printing and shipping costs. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UX02: Mind Games available for purchase!

UX02: Mind Games available for purchase!

DCC Rules for Psionics powers and those that use them

Within this tome you will find...
The Psion - A PC class that harnesses the power of the mind to crush their enemies. 
A full write up of how Psionics work in Dungeon Crawl Classics, including psionic dueling rules!
A comprehensive list of Psionic powers for all levels of play. Over 50 powers in total.
New Psionic items, including the powerful and proud psychic Living Crystal Weapons.
New Psychic monsters for your players to encounter and be slain by.
A  Psi-beast Critical Hit chart to inflict upon those hapless PCs

A 6" x 9" book with 68 pages of pure brain pain to add to your campaign. Compatible with nearly any genre or flavor of DCC you play!

Go to the Buy It Now!!! page to get your copy today!

For those attending Gencon 2016, there will be copies available at the Goodman Games booth!!! Check it out!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Issue #14 is available for purchase!

Issue #14 is available for purchase!

It is at the printer and will be ready to at the end of the week.

In this issue contains:
> A semi-hex crawl in a extra-dimensional abandoned theme park so big it will be spread over two issues!
> A Twisted Menagerie full of Dinosaurs and Dino-Mutants!
> The Saurians of the Scale Empire, ruled over by the eldritch Dino-Sorcerers!
> And much, much more!

Go to the Buy It Now!!! page to get your copy today!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine Collection vol #1 is available for purchase!

Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine Collection vol #1 is available for purchase!

This contains the first four issues of the Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine collected into one volume. Inside you will find...
  • The Mutant - A racial class about those who have been “blessed” by the twisted earth
  • The Technologist - A class dedicated to the accumulation of scientific knowledge and power
  • Weapons of the Wastelands - Guns, Guns, and more Guns plus Grenades!
  • Twisted Menagerie - The Sharkhana, Debris Elemental, Sentrybot, Zombie Monks of the Cyberhive, the Robolich, the Mutitan, and more!
  • An Interesting Place to Die: - Blooms Fashions: a store with clothes to die for And - The Floating Tower of the Cyberhive
  • Rules and tables for generating post apocalyptic 0-level characters
  • The Mall Maul: A post apocalyptic 0-level funnel adventure set in the ruins of an abandoned mall
  • A trio of new Patrons of Umerica

For a LULU Print copy it is only $9.99, get it here!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Issue #13 is available for purchase!

Issue #13 is available for purchase!

It is at the printer and will be ready to at the end of the week.

In this issue contains:
>the Fantastic Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Idea Generator
>An Interesting Place to Die: The Rail Tunnels of the Delphia Beast
>Racial Recast: An alternative Elf class
>A Death Bots creation guide
>And much, much more!

Go to the Buy It Now!!! page to get your copy today!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Changes Under a Broken Moon

Hi Crawlers!

I've got a lot of news to share so here we go!

  • Issue #13 is approved and will likely be out well before the end of the month. 
  • Unfortunately, the ever increasing printing, operating, and postage costs have forced my hand. I'll be raising the cost of CUaBM by $.50 per issue, starting with issue #13. As always, this will still include a print copy, a PDF copy, and postage. Sorry everybody!
  • I will also stop offering subscriptions to CUaBM as of 4/22. Currently the price is still set to the old $4.50/$6.00 per issue price so if you buy a subscription now, you will be saving $.50 an issue. Get them while they are hot!!!
  • As to why I have chosen to stop offering subscriptions, I have recently solidified my plans for the future of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I plan on continuing the regular, every other month release schedule up to issue #18. After that, the zine will be released on a sporadic basis of 1-3 issues per year. The reason for this is...
  • In 2017, I plan on running a Kickstarter for a CUaBM Umerican rules and campaign source book! The goal is to have all of the basics a player or GM would need to run a Crawling Under a Broken Moon style campaign in one book, delivered as a PDF and print on demand (POD) book via RPGNOW/DriveThruRPG and possibly Lulu. The book will, of course, still be fully compatible with DCC and possibly that other... thing... that cannot be mentioned as of yet. :)
    The content from the zine will be used as a basis for the book but it will be revised and updated in addition to a whole slew of new content as well. Should the campaign book Kickstarter be successful, I plan to run another Kickstarter for a Twisted Menagerie Manual, a dedicated Umerican monster book, once the campaign book has been delivered. 

Whew! That was a block of text. Your eyes should stop bleeding soon. If you have and questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me by email: crawlingunderabrokenmoon@gmail.com.